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Natural Landing is closing for a while...

The last batches of product have been posted. Once they are sold out, Natural Landing will be closed indefinitely. 

I opened in 2018 with great excitement and a wonderful reception for my online, retail, and in-person event sales. I loved meeting people and being a part of my community in a new way. In 2020, at the beginning of COVID I switched to all online sales. But as things open up again and priorities shift, I’ve made the decision to close Natural Landing. I feel so much pride in Natural Landing and still believe they are the best deodorants and body butters you can buy. However, this chapter of Natural Landing is now closed. I don’t know when or if it will open again. Maybe it will be open for a couple of weeks at Christmas? Or for special events? We will all see together what the universe has in store. You will be notified through email about any future plans. Thank you all for the wonderful years of support!!! It has been an amazing journey. And for those I have met in person - here's a big hug!!


Hi and Welcome to Natural Landing!

Our minimalist body care products contain only what you need - no cheap fillers or ingredients that do not spark joy. Everything is handmade with intention and formulated to get the job done! 

No more cracked hands from repeated washing!

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Try natural deodorant while working at home!

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WHY Natural Landing?

5 ingredients or less!

Each product is handmade with only natural and organic ingredients. No fillers, preservatives, or artificial scents. 'Minimalist' because each ingredient serves a specific purpose to get the job done. Carefully formulated to be effective!

Natural deodorant that actually works

Formulated with the perfect ratio of baking soda and arrowroot powder. Just enough baking soda to control odor, but not enough to cause irritation. Don't worry, it holds up to heat, exercise, and stress. And no chemicals or anti-perspirants.

A cleaner and greener way to moisturize

After a shower, don't dry off! Use the water on your skin to apply a thin layer of body butter. The concentrated blend of oils and butters will keep you moisturized until the next time you take a shower. No emulsifiers, preservatives, or added water!

National Landing Live Video!

1) Learn about the different kinds of moisturizers

2) Make two minimalist DIY products: hand sanitizer and body scrub


It is by far the BEST and most effective natural deodorant I have used.

Carlos V.

The body butter is soooo fantastic for my cracked hands. I used to use Working Hands, but this is better!

Barbara K.

Mmmmm, I smell so good and I'm so soft! And it goes on so smooth! And doesn't feel oily!

Danielle C.

I wore the deodorant to work for the first time today and I think I sweated less!

Erin R.

I love the body butter, it went on so soft and creamy after my shower and has gotten rid of my dry winter skin. I highly recommend

Diane G.

The deodorant works. It keeps me smelling fresh all day and I love the fact that it has minimal ingredients. The body butter is fabulous! It doesn't leave a greasy residue and gives a very subtle scent of lavender. A little goes a long way.

Emily C.

The body butter is incredible! It goes on smooth and absorbs into the skin well! It’s very rich and feels incredibly luxurious. Highly recommend. Also, the eye makeup remover is very took off my waterproof mascara in one swipe without any tugging.

Giao N.

Switching was easy. The deodorant keeps me fresh and smells great all day.

Heitham G.

My husband used the deodorant and said, “It works really well!” So great to have a simple product that simply works.

Tiffany C.

I just wanted to let you know that I've been wearing your deodorant for the past 3 days and I couldn't be more impressed!!! I LOVE IT. It's like the best deodorant I've ever tried. Please don't stop making it!

Dani M.

The first natural deodorant I have used that I don't have to reapply!

Angelica T.

Before Natural Landing, I have never been able to find a natural deodorant that actually works. They all end up irritating my armpits, or I just stink by mid-morning. This deodorant prevents me from smelling like BO, and feels so natural going on.
I'm also usually very sensitive to scents in deodorant, but the subtle lavender in this one gives just enough scent that it smells lovely but isn't too strong.
Definitely a repeat customer!


My skin can get super dry so I've been using body oil after the shower for years, and now that I found this I like it much better! I know exactly what's in it, no weird extra ingredients and it feels great on. My skin feels soft all day and the scent is super light and nice. The best thing about it is it's not messy like an oil, so it's great for traveling- no leaks or spills!

Lisa G.

I use your deodorant everyday and I love it. It's a game changer. I've never found a deodorant that's natural that doesn't smell weird. This is the best find ever. Whoever made this is a genius.


I learned about your product from a friend and I am hooked! Back story is... When I was breastfeeding my daughter, I didn't want to put any "bad stuff" close to where she was nursing. At the time, I was using maximum drugstore strength deodorant and my doctor even recommended Botox to reduce my sweating. I did not want any of that while I was nursing. So I was on a hunt for the most natural product, without smelling musky and breaking out in my armpits (which happens with me quite often). My search seemed impossible... I tried everything offered at health food stores, both local and mainstream, (i.e. Sprouts, Whole Foods), online stores (i.e. Amazon, Native before it was popular, and Lume), and even swiping my pits with witch hazel or lemon. It's been a long journey for me and I have found that your special and delicate BALANCE of ingredients works better than anything I have tried. Seriously, THANK YOU


I never liked using regular lotion because they can be slimy and have a smell that lasts too long. This lotion goes on and quickly absorbs into your skin and leaves you looking and feeling great.

Heitham G.

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