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Why Choose Natural Landing?

Be Mindful of What You Put on Your Body - Our minimalist body care products contain only the ingredients necessary to be effective. We leave out anything that does not contribute to the goal of healthy, hydrated, fresh-smelling skin. For example, look at the back of your lotion bottle. Is it full of water, alcohol, and other chemicals you can’t pronounce? Water is added to bulk up the lotion and make the suspended oil easier to spread on your skin. To make the water and oils mix, you then need an emulsifier (those chemicals you can’t pronounce). Then you need alcohol or some other preservative or paraben to make sure bacteria doesn’t grow in the water that was added. But alcohol dries out your skin, water evaporates, and emulsifiers can damage your skin’s protective you add more lotion. You see the cycle? Natural Landing products contain only what you need. The After-Shower Body Butter is a concentrated blend of oils and butters - that’s it! You use the water on your skin after a shower as the emulsifier. And a little goes a long way because you are not paying for water or unnecessary ingredients that damage or evaporate off of your skin! In our all-natural deodorant, packaged in a jar, we only include the ingredients to make it effective. As a result, it maintains a “frosting” consistency and is not solid enough to put in a deodorant stick/tube. But you don’t need it to be! You apply it with your fingers, which actually do a better job at reaching all the areas under your arm. Please note that one of the key ingredients for controlling odor, baking soda, can be irritating to some people’s skin (including our owner’s!). We have formulated our deodorant to use the minimum amount of baking soda to eliminate irritation while still controlling odor.

All of our products are clean, effective, and carefully created to fulfill a specific purpose. You will not find a ton of scents, sizes, tricky marketing, crazy packaging, or complicated beauty regimens. Natural Landing products are made with organic and all-natural ingredients and are always Gluten, Aluminum , Sulfate, Silicone, Emulsifier, Synthetic Fragrance, Alcohol, Triclosan, Phthalate, and Paraben Free!

The phrase “I Hope You Have a Great Day!” is printed on each and every product at Natural Landing because we sincerely hope you have a great day. We mean it! We hope it gives you a little smile every morning and encourages you to be kind throughout the day. And please, tell someone that you hope they have a great day too!